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Duncan Wong - Summer Training Workshop

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Liebe Yogic Warrior ...


Duncan hat kurzfristig umdisponiert und so könnt Ihr im Juli 5 Tage mit ihm erleben und seinen einzigartigen Yogastil kennen und (höchstwahrscheinlich) lieben lernen :) ... Wer Freude am Yoga hat, seine Yogapraxis vertiefen möchte, Lust auf was Neues hat, sich weiterbilden will oder sogar über eine Yogalehrer Ausbildung nachdenkt, sollte sich diese einmalige Gelegenheit nicht entgehen lassen. Dieses Intro Summer Training könnte der Anfang eines ganz wundervollen, besonderen und magischen neuen Weges sein. Du hast viele Möglichkeiten, diese Zeit zu gestalten:


45 Euro / Morning Flow Workshop (3 Stunden)
200 Euro / 5-Tage Morning Flow Workshop (15 Stunden)
100 Euro / Tagesticket (6 Stunden)
450 Euro / Ganzer Workshop (30 Stunden)


Duncan ist Yoga Alliance zertifiziert. Im Herbst findet das erste RYT 200 Stunden Teacher Training mit ihm in München statt. Teilnehmer dieses Workshops bekommen eine Ermäßigung auf das Teacher Training. Der Unterricht findet auf Englisch statt. Meldet Euch gern bei mir, wenn Ihr weitere Fragen habt oder Euch Euren Platz sichern wollt.


taught directly by Warrior Yoga system creator, Duncan Wong


each day will maintain the training theme that will be morning flow workshops and afternoon technical details of the flow sequencing and postural and transitional movement alignment, mechanics and even some hands-on adjustment tips, from the yogi who pioneered bodywork and and functional core training into the vinyasa mainstream.


Day 01 Base Flow - Focus on prana (breath technique), bandha (inner core control), and kumbaka (breath retention) and their relationship as applied to structure and movement.


Day 02 Mudra Flow - Study hand, feet, finger and toe configuration and positioning placement, as well as the internal mudras of our pelvis and palette and how they all relate to structure and movement.


Day 03 Core Flow - Learn opposing and complimentary cross-core muscle system and applied training techniques for body length vs strength balance.


Day 04 Contact Flow - Learn the B.S.A. (Base, Stabilization, Adjustment) intelligent time-tested approach to both self posturing and applying adjustments in a flow and partner assist setting.


Day 05 Warrior Flow - Discover the strength, grace and alignment of the original warrior structures, born from yoga, martial arts and dance; these chosen postures form the base stances of all standing poses. Increase postural awareness and movement transition ability.




Day 01 BASE FLOW - 


Base Morning Practice and Afternoon Base Theory will teach us how to feel, understand and gradually transmit to others the simplified approach to ancient complex yoga anatomy, with a focus on Prana (Breathing Techniques to heat, cool and regulate our body), Bandha (Our internal core construct that allows safe, empowered movement and comfortable alignment for structural form and empowered movement), and Kumbaka (Both in-breath and out-breath retention used as a tool to develop our attention to consciousness and also discovering how to create energy through the stillness of breath).


These elements form the foundation of our yogic body awareness as a root teaching.




Mudra Morning Practice and Afternoon Mudra Theory will inform us how to place hands and interlace our fingers and the positioning of our feet and toes to optimize our natural strength of stance and support of structure, both within the postures and during transitional movements; which includes moving off the mat, up stairs and down mountains! Further research together will reveal that deeper inner Mudras (an integration of conjoining subtle muscles that activates an internal dialog) with larger neighboring muscles we call Bandhas, form the core construct and support system of our body. The primary inner mudras found at the roof of our mouth and at our pelvic floor, form the prana-bandha, or breath-core relationship that stabilizes and unifies our spine, ribcage and pelvis), which ultimately translates into energy work and the Self healing journey begins.


Day 03 CORE FLOW -


Core Morning Practice and Afternoon Core Theory will explore in simplified terms our complex core muscular system and its yogic structural and fluid motion functions. We will learn how to detect how to lengthen and strengthen our inner core construct through feeling and flowing, achieving a measure mindful body balance that affords a little peace from pain caused by a common imbalance between the strength of our core muscles v.s. the flexibility of our joints; especially relating to our spine and hips, where our primary core muscles intersect and interact. A vital aspect of our human design exists in our reliance on and ability to alternately work our opposite left and right sides, as well as opposing upper and lower body elements to produce optimal movement with minimal effort; resulting in graceful form.




Contact Morning Flow and Afternoon Contact Theory is about working bio-energetically with other people, and will take our body awareness and skill-set to the next level, as we  embark on a journey of inner growth and outer excellence which Contact Work naturally supports. Through this Contact work we will explore Duncan sensei’s systematic B.S.A. (Base, Stabilization and Action)  approach to postural adjustment and refinement via a deconstruction of the body into primary extended and rotated directions of the spine and pelvis in standing poses with a focus on pelvic stabilization and spinal extension, as well as spinal rotation vis manipulation of the ribcage. We will also practice a therapeutic application of Thai Therapy based hand assist mudras and also learn general Thai Therapy massage techniques that support healing and balance.




Warrior Morning Practice and Afternoon Warrior Theory will be a chance to explore the traditional Yogic Arts Vira Vinyasa (Warrior Flow) sequencing and further research into the original warrior stance structures found in martial arts, dance and yoga, with emphasis on their alignment, purpose and application to a flow class structure. Significant insight into our understanding of the classical standing and seated yoga postures can be sourced and more deeply comprehended from our study of the form and flow from these various interdisciplinary arts. Learn the first Warrior Flow sequence from Duncan sensei’s early award winning USA DVD’s, Awakening Level, and Source Power, that were some of the first global popular culture Flow Yoga DVD’s on the market, which made a positive impact and influence on many if not most of today’s new generation top teachers on an international scale. Time tested and still evolving as a natural organic flow system. Learn how Warrior Flow Yoga progressed with its subtle innovations that keep changing and remaining the same until today. Be a part of this progression as we learn from one another.

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